Monday, October 1, 2012

About me

Where to Start? I'm Ashley a mommy to four wonderful little kids. Emery my oldest is 5. Bryson is 4, Anastyn is 21 months old, and Finnley is our newest addition at only two months old. I wouldn't change my life for anything. These kids mean the world to me. I pray everyday that the good Lord leads me in the right direction as I lead my children to know and serve him.
This blog is a very special place for me. It is in memory of my grandmother. Three Years ago my grandmother got very sick and passed away. She meant everything to me. I grew up from just a baby in her kitchen, beside her, learning every little thing she did. We Shopped, we sewed, we created, we cleaned, but most importantly we cooked. God blessed me by allowing us to share this special bond. This Blog will be my own little journal. A place where I can record all the recipes she taught me and will teach me with the articles and books she left behind for me. My own children will have the chance to get to know her the way they never got a chance.
One of the many Cooking items I have that used to be hers is a blue folder packed full of recipes. These recipes she clipped from magazines, newspapers, cookbooks, etc. They dates back 20 or more years ago. These were recipes that she had wanted to try but never got the chance. I am going to try them all out for her. my goal is to try at least three new recipes a week. this way my own family will get the slightest picture of how I grew up. From my Grandma's Kitchen, to mine, and now to yours. I hope that what I share will bring joy and excitement to your own kitchen and give you a glimpse inside what a wonderful women my grandma was.


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